Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Most Important Vision Yet

I feel passion to connect the Gospel to the north coast of Oregon and SW Washington. I wish to include my community in the conversation.

Here is the vision. Is it possible to uncover the common ground of the generations? Is it possible after discovery to connect the Gospel to the story of the builder, boomer, post modern, and millenial generations?

Can we as a community speak to the generations, discover their core values, find the connections and speak to them specifically?

For example, the builders (retirement era) and the millenials (20 somethings) are deeply influenced by economic disasters. Can their collective pain be a starting point with the Gospel?

The boomers (my age) and the post moderns 30-40 both come from the age of relativism. The boomers hated authority...the post moderns hate authority.

The builders are ok with authority...the millenials seek an authority to trust.

Do you get the idea? What are your thoughts about the generations. Do you see common ground?

What I intend to do is consult with a scholarly community around the country and interview the generations on the coast. Love you input.

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