Saturday, February 27, 2010

Kenya, Haiti, Chile, Argentina...Meltdown

Kenya, Haiti, Chile, Argentina...I prayed today for the victims of another earthquake. I am not sure how to pray anymore. So much suffering. Then I prayed as Jesus prays..."Father, your will not mine."

We cannot fix every problem, but we can do what the Father wishes us to do.

May I encourage you to pray about which mission organization to support and pray for?

If we all do a small part, the world is touched. True?

Let me encourage you about the power of community. Brooke Roberts, RN has raised all but 85 dollars of step one to her mission trip to Kenya. Tomorrow is the first deadline and we are only 85 dollars away.

Lori and I will give 50 dollars to send Brooke. Will you pray about a gift? You may give a tax deductable donation at Please mention Brooke Roberts in the comment.

The world is in a Tsunami of trouble. He can make a difference through us. Take care friends.

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